Losing the love of your life can be devastating. You need to figure out how to go on without them emotionally and financially. You expect the life insurance policy to  cover funeral expenses and provide some immediate financial relief while you adjust to life without them.  However, this is not always the case.

One purchases a life insurance policy with the expectation that funds will help the surviving loved ones during a very difficult time.  One does not expect that the insurance company may find reasons to deny payments and make an already traumatic situation more difficult.

According to United Policy Holders, life insurance companies can deny benefits if:

  1. Death occurred during the contestability period
  2. The manner of death wasn’t covered under the policy- most commonly suicide
  3. The applicant misrepresented or failed to disclose relevant personal information
  4. The policyholder failed to pay premiums

These reasons may seem legitimate, and in some cases the insurance company may be justified. But the insurer’s denial may be based on false information.  A 2010 Los Angeles Times article reported about a woman whose claim was denied because the insurer claimed her husband failed to disclose medical conditions including bipolar disorder and pulmonary disease.  However, according to her husband’s doctor, he did not suffer these conditions.

This situation is not totally unique. Many legitimate claims are denied, and the policy holders accept defeat even though they may need the money, reports Life Insurance Law .   Someone grieving the loss of a loved-one may not have the time or energy to battle the insurance company for the benefits in which they are entitled. It may seem easier to accept denial and walk away, but this is not what your loved-one wanted.

A life insurance lawyer will take on the burden of fighting against the insurance company so you can focus on moving forward with your life and grieving the loss of a loved-one.  In many cases, the mere act of hiring a life insurance lawyer can prompt the insurer to send payment.

Life insurance lawyers are good at disputing denied life insurance claims because they understand the practice and policy language and they are not afraid to be aggressive.  They are also aware of common tricks and tactics used by the insurance company and they are not afraid to take the dispute to trial-if necessary.

You should never give up on a life insurance claim without the advice of an experienced life insurance lawyer.  If you were recently denied payment of a life insurance claim, contact a life insurance lawyer to discuss your legal rights.

Tom Petrelli

Posted by Tom Petrelli

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