On July 22, 2016, a Philadelphia Jury awarded $3.05 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages on behalf four passengers injured during a 2013 Greyhound bus accident.

The motor coach was making an overnight trip from New York City to Cleveland Ohio.  The fatigued driver fell asleep at the wheel, crashed into a tractor trailer on I-80, and injured dozens of passengers, CNN reported. Thirty-seven-year-old Son Thi Thanh Hoang was killed during the crash when she was ejected from the bus.

Greyhound claims that safety is a priority, but a CNN report found that the company fails to enforce its safety regulations. Rule G-40 directs drivers to stop approximately every 150 miles to check tires and take a safety stop to refresh and stay alert.  However, there are several Greyhound routes across the US-many overnight-in which there is no safety stops for more than 150 miles. Passengers later recounted seeing the driver appeared tired while taking their tickets at the NYC terminal.

“They don’t enforce their 150 miles safety rule because it costs them money,” said Jon Ostroff, Lead Counsel for the plaintiffs.

“Greyhound must update and enforce its driver safety rules and fatigue management policies or these preventable, catastrophic, fatigue-related crashes will continue,” Ostroff told Sate Journal.

Ostroff and his team of  bus accident lawyers have successfully represented injured passengers with filing claims against Greyhound and other major transportation companies.

The recent verdict, Hoang v. Greyhound, awarded individual amounts to each of the four passengers represented by Ostroff.  The $5.05 million was allocated as follows:

  •  $3 million- awarded to a 21-year-old woman who sustained cervical spine injuries, traumatic brain injury, skull and facial fractures  displaced tibia fibula fracture requiring surgery and  non- displaced broken bones in her foot,
  •  $850,000- for a man who suffered from jaw and dental injuries, a broken wrist, and knee and ankle injuries
  •  $625,000- for a female who suffered a concussion and required six months of chiropractic visits for a back injuries
  •  $575,000- granted to a passenger who suffered from spinal sprain and strain, which required about six medical treatments.

This was Ostroff’s first of trials scheduled against Greyhound involving the 2013 bus accident. The Pennsylvania injury lawyer represents twelve more passengers, including the Estate of Ms. Hoang.

Posted by Legal Lookout Editor