More than one-third of fatal alcohol-related crashes these accidents occurred between Thanksgiving Eve and New Year’s Day.

Many of us travel during the holidays. We want to spend time with our family and friends, but we also want to reach our destination safely. Knowing the warning signs of an intoxicated driver can help you avoid becoming a DUI victim.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) lists these drunk driving warning signs:

  1. The driver runs red lights, stops at green lights, or ignores traffic signals.
  2. The driver is slow to respond to traffic lights and other traffic signals.
  3. The driver signals inconsistently or improperly.
  4. The driver is driving in the wrong lane or in the wrong direction.
  5. The driver has difficulty staying in his lane.
  6. The driver is weaving from side to side within his lane.
  7. The car keeps drifting to the right or to the left.
  8. The car is traveling on the sidewalk, median, or the shoulder of the road.
  9. The driver strikes or almost strikes an object, a person, or another vehicle.
  10. The driver makes random stops while in the travel lane.
  11. The driver brakes excessively.
  12. The driver makes illegal turns.
  13. The driver makes wide radius turns although the turns can be completed easily.
  14. The driver turns suddenly without signaling.
  15. The car’s headlights are turned off when they should be turned on.
  16. The drivers speed constantly changes without cause.
  17. The driver is traveling ten miles or more below the speed limit.
  18. The driver is following too closely.
  19. The driver passes too closely.
  20. The driver appears to be hunched over or leaning to the side.

Never try to follow, stop or confront a drunk driver. If you suspect that another driver is intoxicated, get out of the driver’s way immediately. Find a safe location to stop and call 911. Tell the dispatcher about the driver’s behavior. Give the dispatcher a description of the vehicle and, if possible, the license plate number. Your actions could save a life.

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