Will you be shopping on Black Friday? Many Americans consider the day after Thanksgiving to be the traditional start of the Holiday shopping season. They advantage of the day off from work to scout for the best bargains.

While retailers offer special deals to bring in the crowds, the stores aren’t the only places that will be packed on Black Friday. The highways and leading to the mall will also be swarming with shoppers, many of whom are exhausted after spending the early hours in line for bargains.

Drowsy drivers and heavy traffic mean that traffic accidents are inevitable. But these tips can help keep you safe on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season.

  1. Focus on driving. Eighty percent of car accidents are caused by driver distraction and Black Friday is a good opportunity to be distracted. Turn off your cell phone and avoid looking at sale flyers until you’ve reached your destination.
  2. Don’t tailgate. When streets and parking lots are crowded, there is a good chance that the car in front of you will come to a sudden stop. Allow extra following distance, so you have plenty of time to react.
  3. Try to avoid backing up. If your vehicle has a large blind spot, it may be hard to see pedestrians or other cars while backing up. This can be a big problem when parking lots are crowded. When possible, try to find a parking spot that allows you to pull through. If no spots are available, back into a parking space instead of pulling in. You are less likely cause an accident backing in than you are backing out.
  4. Plan your route to avoid left turns. Left turns are especially dangerous because drivers may need to cross multiple lanes of traffic. Unfortunately, the driver making the turn is often held liable, even when he has the right of way. When roads are crowded with tired, stressed drivers, it is best to avoid left turns.
  5. Check your vehicle. Fill up your gas tank and check your tires before you head to the mall. Breaking down on a crowded highway increases your chances of getting injured in a traffic accident (read more).
  6. Don’t shop on Black Friday. Many of the same deals are available on store websites. You may find an even better deal if you wait for Cyber Monday.

Saving $100 on a game system or getting a free gift with your purchase may seem like a great deal, but a Black Friday car accident can leave you owing tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. No bargain is worth the price of an injury. If you are injured in a Black Friday car accident contact a law firm who will fight to protect your rights and hold those who caused your injury accountable.

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