Millions of shoppers throughout the globe are striving to find the perfect holiday gift.  However, a gift that seems perfect could actually be potentially dangerous. Five Thirty-Eight reported that 2015 was a popular year for hoverboards and hoverboard related injuries. To many, a hoverboard seemed like a good gift at the time but for some it didn’t go as well as expected.

Shoppers need to be aware of not just potentially dangerous products, but also recalled products. Below is a list of recently recalled products that you may be tempted to put under the tree. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides a full up-to-date list of recalled products.

GoPro Karma. Drones were another hot holiday gift in 2015, according to Fox Business News. Camera maker Go Pro entered the drone market in 2016 with its GoPro Karma drone, but recalled the device two weeks after its launch, Tech News World reported. The alert was issued after several units lost power and fell from the sky.  About 2,500 units were sold during the two-week availability period.

Can-Am Maverick X3. Recreational riders who like to tackle the terrain  off-road may enjoy the Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle. However, BRP recalled more than 2,380 of its 2017 models due to a potential crash hazard, according to the CPSC. Grease on the steering rack and pinion assembly can result in a loss of steering control which can lead to potentially dangerous crashes.  ATV crashes are a major concern. At least 13, 617 ATV-related fatalities have been reported to the CPSC between 1982 and 2014.

Skidders canvas tennis shoes. On November 16, New York based Skidders Footwear recalled 5,500 pairs of children’s tennis shoes due to potential laceration injuries. The recall was issued after Skidders received three reports of rivets on the shoes scratching the foot of the children wearing the shoes.  According to their website, safety is the core of Skidders products. Skidders gripping footwear is known for their soft flexible rubber outsoles that provide enhanced traction indoor and outdoors.

Lexibook® Baby Bath Seats and Chairs. Lexibook issued a recall affecting about 7,000 Baby Bath Seats and Chairs on December 1. What may seem like the perfect gift for a mom-to-be, could be harmful for her child. The bath seats failed to meet safety standards-including stability requirements. This could potentially cause the chair to tip over while the baby is inside and pose a possible drowning hazard for the child.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  On December 9, electronics giant Samsung announced that it would issue an update on December 19 and make all Galaxy Note 7 smartphones inoperable. Earlier this year, Samsung issued a recall of the phones after receiving multiple reports about Note 7 models catching fire. Samsung’s decision to disable remaining phones is a final attempt to encourage users to return their potentially dangerous devices. About 93% of Note 7 devices sold in the US have been returned.  The final update that will prevent the remaining devices from charging may take up to 30 days to reach all major carriers, according to The Verge.

CNBC reported that 41% –the highest in history– of Americans said they shop online “a lot” or “a fair amount”. The almost infinite number of online sellers and product choices can make it difficult to identify and regulate recalled products. Marketwatch suggests that the sale of recalled products online is problem. More than a dozen recalled toys may be sold online. “As important as recalls are, there is no way to get them all back and to notify everyone,” said James Swartz, director of World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH). Shoppers researching the perfect gift are urged to view the CPSC’s list of recalled products.

Dangerous or recalled products can result in injury- even death.  When such a tragedy occurs, the injured party, or surviving loved-ones may be eligible to file a products liability claim. To learn more about products liability, contact the personal injury lawyers at OnlyWhenYouWin.

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