Nothing is perfect in this imperfect world, and that’s true of divorce mediation in Florida, Pennsylvania, and most other states.

We’ve spent a lot of time highlighting the benefits that mediated divorce brings to the table:

  • Divorce mediation saves money over litigated courtroom divorce.
  • Divorce mediation generally can resolve your case much faster than working through crowded family law courts (source: Wolfe & Stec).
  • It encourages negotiation over conflict.
  • Mediated divorce puts your destiny in your own hands.

Lazy people need not apply

Nevertheless, some clients are not satisfied with the divorce mediation process. And they quickly zero in on the one problem that even we admit is central to the divorce mediation experience: It takes work.

For mediated divorce to be successful, the spouses must commit to working together for their common good and that of their children. They have to wrestle with hard decisions. Sometimes they have to know when to shut up rather than start a fresh round of bickering with their spouses.

That’s too much to ask of some people. Litigated divorce may be painful, publicly embarrassing, and emotionally devastating, but the lazy client doesn’t care. He or she is happy to hand divorce lawyers envelopes stuffed with cash and make them do all the work. There’s no guarantee that the terms of the divorce will be workable, but these clients are willing to trade away future happiness for less work today.

How you can guarantee your divorce mediation process fails

Do you really want to stop working on arranging your own post-divorce future? Are you okay with leaving your income and living situation up to chance? If so, we have some good suggestions on how you can undermine your divorce mediation sessions:

  • Make unreasonable demands and offer no concessions in return.
  • Make false accusations against your spousedrug abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse claims are always popularand refuse to consider that these lies may hurt your own interests.
  • Use every opportunity to anger and upset your spouse.
  • Issue ultimatums that must be granted before you’re willing to move forward.
  • Use the children as bargaining chips to get what you want.

Do you want what’s best, or merely whatever takes the least effort?

One way or the other, you’re going to get the future you deserve.

If you choose litigated divorce, you get the chaos of the courtroom. If you prefer the fully certified divorce mediation services from Divorce Done Right, you can get the future that you earn through negotiation with your ex-spouse.

Contact our team today by calling (866) 337-4448. We’re ready to work with you and your spouse to bypass the chaos and bring sanity to your future. We have offices in Pennsylvania, Florida, Delaware, and New Jersey, but if you live in another state we can often refer you to a skilled mediator closer to your home. Call us today to get your questions answered.

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